We need help YOUR help with Undokai (Friday, Sept. 27th @ Raymond Kimbell Playground: Geary Blvd & Steiner St.) - both before the day and on that day. This is a wonderful opportunity to get involved. We have a lot of things to do. Please read the job descriptions below.


Families, if you’ll plan to come, don’t forget to bring Sunscreen, Hat, Water, Camera and Lunch.

We have adults programs please attend!!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call at school or email questions to: rosaparksjbbp@gmail.com

THANK YOU!!!  Arigatou!ありがとう

General Information
When can we count on you?
Undokai Date (Friday, Sept. 27)! 当日運動会に来て頂ける方
Parent(s) Name *
Parent(s) Name
Child(s) Name *
Child(s) Name
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Day of Jobs
Please check all jobs that you can help with!
Move Equipment (5 needed)
Transport equipment from school to Kimbell Playground:(Van, Truck, Wagon..) 荷物を学校から運動場まで運ぶ
Field Setup (4 needed)
Mark lines on field. トラックのラインを引く
Setup (10 needed)
Set-up Crew  運動場のセットアップ
Classroom Helpers (2 per class)
Classroom Helpers . トイレに連れて行くなど、クラスの先生のお手伝い
First Aid (2 needed)
First Aid Station
Official Photographers (2 needed)
Official Photographer
Official Videographers (2 needed)
Official Videographer
Bento Servers (2-3 needed)
Bento servers お昼休みにシニアの方や役員、先生たちに お弁当を配る係
Runners (2 needed)
Runners プログラムの順番を知らせる係
Starters (2 needed)
Starters スタートラインで笛を吹く係
Finish Line Monitors (4 needed)
Finish Line Monitors ゴールで順番を見る係
Equipment Mangers (10 needed)
Equipment/Prop Managers 用具係
Cleanup (Everyone Needed!)
Cleanup Crew
Move Equipment (4-6 needed)
Transportation and Moving things back to school
Generator Pick-up (1 needed)
Prior to Undokai
Please check all jobs that you can help with!
Goodie Bag & Ribbon Assembly (4-5 needed)
Goodie bag and participation ribbon assemblers 当日参加してくれたPre-Schoolの子供たちへのおみやげを詰める仕事や、生徒の参加賞のリボンに安全ピンをつける等
Please mark as many items as you care to donate. If donating other items, please make a list in the text field below. We will send a confirmation with information about what to bring, where and when. Families, if you cannot help with the event and would like to help, we can use donations of the following:
I will donate
We need 100 or more bags, pencils, erasers, super balls or any party goodies. We would like to give one bag to each visiting preschools at Undokai. (Please no foods) 参加してくれるpre-schoolのお友達へのおみやげです。えんぴつ、けしごむ、など (参加予定Pre-School、日本町リトルフレンズ、ちびちゃん)
Please name on to the donation items and drop off at student(s) classroom or Room 310 by Tuesday, Sept. 24 @ 2pm.