Parent Teacher Community Council

The Parent Teacher Community Council (PTCC) of JBBP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization. Its purpose: to advance the mission of JBBP to preserve and share the legacy of Japanese language and culture for future generations. This includes subsidizing the salaries of "Sensei" and related professional and curricular development, as well as funding Japanese cultural events, supplies, textbooks, and related program expenses. It also serves the vital role of engaging families and the community as partners in the education of its students. 

2019-20 PTCC Meetings: All are welcome to attend both general and board meetings of the Parent, Teacher and Community Council. Meetings are held in the Rosa Parks cafeteria. Board meetings begin with a potluck dinner at 6 pm, meetings begin at 6:30 pm. General meetings will be held at 8 am right after drop off, and will end by 9 am. Coffee & pastries will be provided at general meetings.

General meeting – Friday, September 6, 8-9 am

Board meeting – Tuesday, October 1

Board meeting – Tuesday, November 5

Board meeting – Tuesday, December 3

General meeting – January 7, 8-9 am

Board meeting – Tuesday, February 4

Board meeting – Tuesday, March 3

Board meeting – Tuesday, April 7

General meeting – Friday, May 5, 8-9 am

Board of Directors 2019-2020

The Board of Directors of the PTCC is a representative body of families, staff, and community stakeholders elected annually each spring by the PTCC membership.

  • Kei Fujimura, Co-Chair

  • Josh Williams, Co-Chair

  • Erik Satow, Co-Treasurer

  • Tais Perpetuo, Co-Treasurer

  • Laura Schmidt-Nojima, Co-Secretary

  • Michiko Toki, Co-Secretary

  • Gayle Kojimoto-Hume, Family Representative

  • David Mould, Family Representative

  • Kacey Nakashima, Family Representative

  • Kiyomi Noguchi, Family Representative

  • Kaoru Shida, Family Representative

  • Yukari Noguchi, Staff Representative

  • Taeko Morioka, Staff Representative

  • Naomi Nishioka, Community Representative

  • Robert Rusky, Co-Treasurer, Community Representative

PTCC Committees     sign up here to join a committee

Recruitment Committee

The Recruitment Committee is the school’s public outreach to prospective families.  It is responsible for conducting school tours, staffing enrollment fair booths, calling families assigned to Rosa Parks and welcoming them, hosting a welcome reception in the spring at Rosa Parks, and hosting incoming Kindergarten Family meet-ups the summer before the school year. 

Cherry Blossom Committee

The Cherry Blossom Committee organizes the events for the Cherry Blossom Festival each April.  The committee organizes weekend popcorn popping, booth sales at the festival of popcorn and drinks and the participation of the school in the Cherry Blossom Parade.  

Auction Committee

The Auction in March is the main fundraiser for the year.  The Auction Committee handles logistics such as: acquiring and cataloging auction items, coordinating student art projects to auction off, ticket sales, venue set up and take down, child care and much, much more…

Family Participation

Engaged families that participate actively in JBBP and Rosa Parks is central to our core values and an essential component to the success of each student. We offer a variety of ways to connect with the life of the program so that families can participate in the manner best-suited to them. Whether from home or at school, in a leadership or supporting role, family involvement is what makes JBBP tick. Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Assisting in your child's classroom

  • Serving as a classroom coordinator

  • Chaperoning field trips

  • Organizing cultural events

  • Supporting fundraising and community activities

  • Helping in the front office

  • Yard and lunch monitor volunteer

  • Morning drop off (opening car doors to facilitate traffic flow)

  • Library and technology support

  • School tours and outreach/enrollment events

  • Serving on the Parent Teacher Community Council or subcomittees