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Oshogatsu 2018 - New Year's Celebration: 2nd, 3rd, 5th grades



Dear JBBP Families,

The JBBP Oshogatsu celebration will be held the 3rd week of January 2018.  K, 1st and 4th grades will celebrate together on Thursday, Jan. 19 and  2nd ,3rd and 5th grades will celebrate together on Friday, Jan. 19.

Each class will prepare and taste traditional Japanese food of Ozoni soup, Mochi and inarizushi. This should be filling enough for most students, but some may still want to eat a regular home or school lunch.  Classes will also participate in traditional games to celebrate the New Year.

We need your help to make this a great Oshogatsu celebration.  Please join us!

The Oshogatsu Committee:  All Senseis


お正月行事は、幼稚園、一年生、四年生合同、そして 二年、三年、五年生合同で行います。是非、みな様のご協力をお願い申し上げます。食材や食器などは学校で用意致しますが、すし飯を各学年どなたかにお願いさせて頂きます。また、当日いなり、餅ステーションは6~7名、ゲーム時の日本語のお手伝いが、各ステーション3~4名必要なため、お子さんの学年に拘わらず、お手伝いいただけると大変助かります。


Thank you for your support!

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