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Otsuki-mi (お月見) - Moon Festival

The Japanese custom of moon viewing is held in mid-autumn and is called Tsukimi or O-tsukimi (the honorific term). It is also referred to as the Harvest Moon Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival. It is widely celebrated all across Japan.


The Japanese celebrate Tsukimi in a rather quiet and solemn manner, although this wasn't always the case. Until the Meiji period (1868 AD), Tsukimi was a time for celebration with parties that ran late into the evening, but this was changed so that this moon festival was a solemn celebration.

Although the mid - autumn harvest moon festival is believed to have originated during the Nara period (710 - 794 AD), it wasn't until the the Heian period (794 to 1185 AD) when it gained popularity and aristocrats would cruise the water on boats so that they could admire the moon's beautiful reflection on the water's surface. Other customs involved reading tanka poetry (similar to Japanese haiku) under the moonlight.

Other traditional customs include displaying susuki (pampas grass) which tends to be at its peak (and its tallest) in the fall, or other autumn flowers decorated in a vase in one's home, or near the area where the moon viewing takes place.

The most traditional food associated with Tsukimi are known as tsukimi dango, or small white dumplings made of rice.

However, unlike other rice dumplings which tend to be served skewered and seasoned with a sweet and savory sauce similar to teriyaki, tsukimi dango are plain, and stacked into a beautiful arrangement on a tray. Tsukimi dango are typically displayed in an alter to represent an offering to the moon.

Other foods which are associated with Tsukimi include chestnuts, known as "kuri" in Japanese, and taro, known as "sato imo", in Japanese, as well as kabocha(Japanese pumpkin).

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5:00pm 5:00pm

2017 JBBP Annual Celebration and Fundraiser

Join us for an evening with family, friends and alumni to celebrate 43 wonderful years of unique cultural programming and daily language curriculum that is provided to over 240 students per year in grades Kindergarten through 5th at Rosa Parks Elementary. This experience would not be possible today without years of community support. Our JBBP students continue to thrive!

Get your tickets for $35 today for our biggest bash of the year and help us continue the legacy.

Ticket price on the door is $45


5:00 - 6:30 pm    SILENT AUCTION
6:30 - 7:30 pm    DINNER and JAN KEN PO Contest
7:30 - 9:15 pm    LIVE AUCTION and PADDLE RAISE
9:15 - 10:00 pm    ENTERTAINMENT and CHECKOUT

Kimono or Matsuri attire welcome! Free Parking available at the Event Center. Childcare is available through the Japanese Community Youth Council. Childcare is limited and only available by booking in advance. School-aged children attending the event need a ticket and must remain under the supervision of responsible parents/guardians during the event.

Product and In-Kind donations accepted until March 3rd at school.

Questions? Please email us at info@JBBPSF.org for more info!

Your tax-deductible donation is greatly appreciated.

The Parent Teacher and Community Council of the Japanese Bilingual Bicultural Program is a 501c(3) tax-exempt organization / Tax ID# 03-0436102.

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2017 Auction Volunteers Needed
to Mar 3

2017 Auction Volunteers Needed

Become a volunteer and help JBBP raise funds to continue and enhance our Bilingual and Bicultural educational program!

Volunteering is a wonderful opportunity to expand your community;  meet, work, build, arrange, clean, cajole and (likely) curse with our network of giving families!

You will have fun, work hard, and, most deservedly, party hard!

Sign-up by heading to our Auction Volunteer page.

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to Mar 3

2017 Auction Donations Accepted

Please join us in continuing a 40+ year tradition of support for the students of the Rosa Parks Japanese Bilingual Bicultural Program (RPJBBP) of the San Francisco Unified School District, located in the Western Addition.

The program, which includes native Japanese-speaking sensei (instructors), helps the 250 children of the Rosa Parks JBBP learn to speak, write, read and understand Japanese. JBBP students also celebrate culture and traditions in a way that fosters a lifelong love of learning, prepares them for college, and opens their minds to a global view. JBBP serves a diverse population of students from the neighborhood and throughout the city and is one of the SFUSD’s great success stories.

Unflagging support from parents, families, community organizations and businesses contribute to the development and success of the RPJBBP.

We are holding our 2017 JBBP Annual Celebration and Fundraiser on Saturday, March 11,
2017, at St. Mary’s Cathedral, and are seeking:

  1. donations of goods and/or services for our silent and live auctions
  2. cash donations
  3. purchase of an ad in our program brochure

We would appreciate your tax-deductible donation. Our federal Tax ID Number is 03-

If you would like to purchase an ad, please see the attached pages for ad prices.

We look forward to a favorable reply by Friday, February 11, 2017. With your help, we can continue to help the children of the RPJBBP receive a strong Japanese language and culture program in addition to their regular elementary school education. To donate or for more information, please contact Gayle Kojimoto-Hume at kojimotohume@gmail.com/415.846.8143. For more information about our program, visit www.jbbpsf.org.

The children of Rosa Parks JBBP thank you for your generosity!

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