Cherry Blossom Festival 2019:
From Popping to Parading

Following is all of the information and links you will need for Rosa Parks JBBP’s participation in this year’s Cherry Blossom Festival. This page will be updated regularly.



Sakura Popcorn Popping Days

Festival goers LOVE our popcorn—we sell A LOT so we have to pop A LOT! Join in this JBBP tradition as we transform the cafeteria into a popcorn making extravaganza!

Saturday, April 6: Kinder and 5th Grade Popping Day
Saturday, April 13:
1st and 4th Grades Popping Day
Sunday, April 14:
2nd and 3rd Grades Popping Day

If you can’t make it on your designated day you can sign up for any day. Even if you can't make it for a full shift, please come lend a hand. It really is FUN!!

Popping takes place in Rosa Parks cafeteria. If for some reason you don't want a free hair net, please bring a head covering.


Cherry Blossom Festival Booth

After you've helped produce our Sakura Popcorn, come over to the Cherry Blossom Festival Food Bazaar to help sell it. (although it practically sells itself!)

Saturday, April 13
Sunday, April 14
Saturday, April 20
Sunday, April 21


Grand Parade

Be a part of the Rosa Parks JBBP wave! Every year spectators remark at what an amazing sight it is to see our JBBP community coming over the hill dancing, marching, and having a fantastic time! 

All students, families, and alums are welcome to dance and march in the parade on Sunday, April 21. The parade starts at 1pm at Civic Center. Kindergarteners will join the 1st-5th graders mid-parade.

All parade participants, except Kindergarteners and their families, should meet in front of City Hall near the Grove St. corner by 12:15 pm.

Kinders and their families should meet at Nihonmachi Terrace, Post St. & Octavia St. (north side of the street) at 12:45pm.

Please let us know if your child will be marching in the parade so we have the appropriate number of happi coats for all students. 

We will again offer two cable car shuttles from Rosa Parks to the parade start at Civic Center at 11:15am and 11:45am. Space is limited. Confirmed cable car riders will be notified next week.

Parade volunteers/donors needed!

  • Distribute, collect and/or wash happi coats

  • Decorate the cable car

  • Decorate the truck with sound system

  • Pass out drinks to students after the parade

  • Provide water or juice or loan us your cooler prior to the parade. Please drop off at school.

Parade Dance

All students and families who want to march in the parade are strongly encouraged to learn the dances! We're looking for several people to help lead and call out the dance moves as we march in the parade!

Check out the following links so you and your kids can practice! 

Kaze ni Naritai
Lyrics with call outs

J-Town Funk
Lyrics with call outs

Here are tips on how to dress in traditional matsuri-style! (Thank you to Satoe Haile.) Students should wear navy, black or red shirts under their happi coats and black or navy pants. Adults—please wear your happi coat, parade t-shirt, or red on top and dark on bottom.