Post-election messages to the Rosa Parks & JBBP community

November 15, 2016

Dear Rosa Parks Community:

Rosa Parks Elementary School is a community rooted in the Western Addition of San Francisco that is deeply committed to justice for all. Staff and families are committed to emulating Rosa Parks, Fred Korematsu, and people who have stood for what's right. 

We want to assure our staff, families, and students that Rosa Parks School is continuing to work together to make our school a safe place where people of all identities and heritages are welcomed, valued, and respected, and we will advocate for justice and equity for all of our students and families. 

We have begun a series of conversations about equity in our community, and we encourage you to participate, share, and learn with us, as we continue to work together to make our school even better. Please keep checking the weekly Wednesday newsletter for details.


Principal Jacobsen, PTA Board, and PTCC Board

Founded 43 years ago, the Japanese Bilingual Bicultural Program was inspired by the values of the civil rights movement and the need to preserve and celebrate the Japanese/Japanese American community’s cultural and linguistic heritage.  JBBP is painfully aware from many of its families’ histories how a president's actions can adversely impact a community, but also how a community can nonetheless learn to endure and persevere.  Given the feelings arising from the recent national election, JBBP wants to reaffirm both its founding value –the essential dignity of all peoples and their cultural heritages – and its commitment to justice and equity for all students and families in San Francisco.

PTCC Board of Directors, November 16, 2016