General Meeting May 7, 2019

We had a lovely meeting Tuesday morning.  

PTCC Board election: ballots went out this week and last. Ballots are due this Friday, May 10.

Cherry Blossom report: Thank you to all who helped out! We had a very successful festival! We popped and sold more bags than ever, but we needed more volunteers to pop. The Board will continue discussions regarding popcorn production and our participation in the food bazaar.    

Budget: We are still taking suggestions from teachers and sensei regarding budget items for 2019-2020.

Auction report: Revenue was up this year most likely due to the professional auctioneer and better food management. The same auctioneer will be with us, and more involved in the planning, next year.

SFJF Grant: Even though we have not yet used the $5000 grant money we received for taiko instruction, we can still apply for next year’s grant.

We will be looking into a new communications platform. If the administration wants to overhaul whole school communications then we will let them take the lead.

Teacher report: The teachers are also concerned about the lack of volunteers.

Sensei report: Seiko Gakuen students will return next year. Satsuki Ina came to school and spoke to students about the internment camps. Owakareshiki is 5/30. Kagami Kai is coming for a whole school event on 5/31. Japan Coast Guard Academy ship will be at SF pier 5/11-5/15. There is an event that we will publicize.

JBBP Advisory Board is holding meetings with various groups in our school community. They want to know how these groups feel JBBP is working or not, and what should/should not be changed. The advisory board is discussing JBBP 50th anniversary video.