General Meeting September 18, 2018

We have a good turnout for our first PTCC-JBBP general meeting of the year. Principal Kawaii described the PITCH program that RPES is participating in this year to help shrink our achievement gap.

We discussed the Japanese native language Set-Aside.

Undoukai is 9/28. Families are encouraged to take some time off work and join the festivities!

Gakugeikai will be 12/14 at Gateway High School.

We had a preliminary discussion of the 2018-19 Budget. We are hiring accountant. PTCC Board will vote on budget at the next board meeting.

JBBP Matsuri/Auction will be 3/9. The auction committee will begin meetings this fall. Cherry Blossom committee will begin meetings in January.

We are looking for volunteers to lead school tours, and volunteers to help translate PTCC communications from English to Japanese.

Seiko Gakkuen students will be here 3/19-22. Some families have already signed up.

Our Advisory Board spent most of their time last year addressing the set-aside. This year they will also address school renovations, relationship with STEAM, achievement gaps, and other whole school issues.

For more details please see the posted notes at Rosa Parks and/or the link in the blast.

Next PTCC Board meeting: 10/2.