General Meeting May 11, 2018

We had a nice meeting on Friday morning, May 11, in the Rosa Parks cafeteria!

Cherry Blossom Festival went very well. We had a good group of volunteers from USF, UCSF and SF Foundation as well as JBBP families (but would always like more!) We popped over 1400 bags and sold approximately 1300. The parade was a lot of fun! Many of the family members learned the dance, marched with the group and looked great! Thank you to everyone who helped!

Friday, May 11 is the last day to vote for PTCC Board of Directors.

Ms. Ina’s uncle and aunt spoke to students about the internment camps. The students really enjoyed the talk!

A new sound system for the auditorium, to be integrated into the remodel, will be put in the budget. Teachers said thank you to families and volunteers for a successful Cherry Blossom Festival.

Mr. Kawaii said thank you for a great year, and a special thanks to 5th grade families. He hopes to work closely with both parent groups next year.

Owakareshiki will be May 31. Following the ceremony, 5th grade families will plant a sakura tree in the yard and have a potluck.

We discussed the Set aside. The Advisory Board is working on a strategy to move forward with a response to SFUSD and also a strategy regarding how we recruit.

Final numbers are not yet in for Cherry Blossom, but overall our revenue is up from last year.

Our online store did well selling popcorn and parade shirts. Eventually we’ll have all of our products online for sale. Tais will be doing a complete inventory of the apparel.

Summer playdate planning is beginning. Ryoko Chernomaz will be hosting June’s date. June’s and July’s dates will be held at a to-be-determined playground because of the construction at school.

We will be posting meeting synopsizes and other JBBP news on our website blog so those who do not receive our email blasts can stay up to date. An opt-in form can be found on our contact page.

JBBP students’ Japanese software is being redesigned. Bob Smolenski has designed the prototype and the sensei will do the voiceovers.

The date for the next PTCC meeting is TBD.

For more details please see the posted notes at Rosa Parks and/or the link in the blast.