General Meeting September 12, 2017

We had a fantastic turnout for our first general meeting of the year, a joint meeting with the PTA, on the morning of September 12. We began with introductions of both the PTA and PTCC boards. After the PTA conducted their business, the PTCC meeting began.

The bulk of the meeting was focused on the 2017-18 budget. A concern was voiced regarding the $10,000 expenditure to help fund the school’s garden coordinator. The question was raised whether this a diversion of solicited funds as well as not aligning with the mission of PTCC. After a discussion, the budget was approved by the membership with the understanding that the garden program look to develop a Japanese cultural component, and with a notation that the funds given to the PTA for the garden coordinator is a one-time expenditure.

The Advisory Board is working with the school district on an FAQ document regarding the Japanese speaking set aside for both Rosa Parks JBBP and Clarendon JBBP. The document will be ready prior to the school recruitment season.

Undokai is September 29! Please sign up online or send in the form included in the Wednesday newsletter.  

Our next board meeting is Tuesday, October 3, 6:30pm, in the Rosa Parks cafeteria.